LIFE BEGINS - The ultimate interactive guide to help children, teens and expectant mothers understand and appreciate the creation of life


Life Begins is an amazing educational journey into the miracle of human life. Life Begins explores genetics, adolescent maturation, male and female reproductive organs, conception, pregnancy, risks to the unborn (STD's, alcohol, tobacco, drugs) and labor and birth.

Thirty eight minutes of video footage from ABC's Academy Award nominated documentary, Journey Into Life: The World of the Unborn, allows the viewer to actually see the developing unborn at various stages.

The innovative Lockout feature gives parents and teachers complete control over what subjects are accessible at any
given time.

"Factual, accurate, alive, tasteful - the whole package!"
JohnC. Nelson, MD, OBGYN,
AMA* President-Elect and Executive Committee Member

Life Begins

  • Over 1200 different screens

  • 860 indexed topics

  • 278 links

  • 11 graphs

  • 372 glossary terms

  • 22 animations

  • 676 photographs and illustrations

  • 13 slide shows

  • 60minutes of video

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