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"The program is easy to move around and quite user friendly."


Special icons on each individual page quickly link you to related videos, animations, slideshows, graphs, photographs, illustrations, exploring activities, fascinating facts, and other subjects. There are over 45 different icons; the example shown here illustrates only a few of them.


Clicking the signpost icon brings up the the taskbar allowing you to quickly access any part of Life Begins. Icons on the taskbar take the user to alphabetized indexes of all pages, illustrations, video clips, photographs and other features.

This also allows the teacher to quickly access specific audiovisual components of Life Begins to enhance presentations.

Move the mouse over each button on the taskbar below to see your options:


EXIT - Allows you to exit the program. VIDEOS - Brings up an alphabetical list of video clips found in Life Begins, totaling more than 45 minutes. ANIMATIONS - Brings up an alphabetical list of the 22  animations found in Life Begins SLIDE SHOWS  - Brings up an alphabetical list of the 13  slide shows found in Life Begins. GRAPHS - Brings up an alphabetical list of the 11 graphs found in Life Begins. MAIN INDEX - Allows you to view an alphabetized list of all topics available for investigation. ILLUSTRATION INDEX - Brings up an alphabetical list of over 250 illustrations found in Life Begins PHOTO INDEX - Brings up an alphabetical list of over 400 photographs found in Life Begins. LIFE CHOICES INDEX  - Calls up an index of all the topics in the Life Choices section. GLOSSARY - Takes you to a list of 372 glossary terms. When a sound icon is present, click on it to hear an audible pronunciation of the word. TRAIL - Provides a menu of all the screens you have visited. MAIN MENU - Allows you to view a subject tree of all the topics available for investigation. BACK OUT - Backs you out of the main screens of the section you are in. PREVIOUS SCREEN - Returns you to the last screen you have visited. TASKBAR - Allows you to uncover all of the taskbar icons


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