"I appreciated the ability to turn off parts of it for younger children."
Sandy Gogel, The Sycamore Tree Center for Home Education

Life Begins can easily be adapted to various age groups. Adults can guide young children through Life Begins, while teenagers will enjoy individually exploring the program. Because of the layered depth of the program, even college-age students and adults will be enthralled.

The Lockout feature allows parents and teachers to determine what is appropriate for their children to view by letting them limit access to certain detailed graphics they feel are unacceptable.

Before Life Begins can be accessed for the first time, the user must preview and choose which graphics to include...

Either an alternative picture or a lock symbol will replace any graphics eliminated:

A password selected by the user protects this information and can be used to make future changes to meet your children's growing needs.


"The lockout system is an excellent feature for parental monitoring of use."
Life Education Center, USA

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